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Information on Boosting Mobile Phone Reception

Strike Alpha Cradle

One key feature of the Strike Alpha Cradle is to boost mobile phone reception thereby increasing call quality and decreasing the number of dropped calls.  To what extent the Strike Alpha Cradle does this, means considering the many factors that affect mobile phone reception.


Factors Affecting Mobile Phone Reception

Distance and Direction of the nearest mobile phone tower.  You must be within range of a mobile phone tower and the range can vary depending on the transmission power of the tower as well as the transmission power of the mobile phone.  This is why different phones can have vastly different call quality.

Transmission Power.  The transmission power of the phone tower is always greater than the transmission power of the phone which could mean that you have 5 bars on your phone yet you are unable to carry on a conversation.  In this case you may be able to receive but unable to transmit leading to poor call quality.

Environment.  Environmental factors such as geography can affect coverage as a signal that has a direct line of sight with a cell tower will be stronger than a signal that is having to go through obstacles such as mountains, buildings, trees etc. Even the time of year can affect reception as in summer there will be more foliage on trees than in winter which can lead to decreased signal. Some materials that signals pass through such as metal reflects signal.  Even wind direction can affect signal quality.

Network Congestion.  Busy towers will drop calls and diminish quality as towers have a finite amount of capacity.

Solutions to Mobile Phone Reception

External AntennaSelect the right antenna to suit the environment and your range of coverage can double.  Antennas do not increase the output of the signal but do help to transmit and capture signals that otherwise might be lost due to obstructions created by the environment.  For a regional solution, the antenna that gets the best results is the Strike B2 Antenna.

Strike Alpha CradleSelect a phone specific cradle that has a correctly positioned antenna booster within it that is tuned to suit the mobile phone network where the phone is being used.

Points to Note

A mobile phone cradle and antenna will not boost a signal that is not there.  A phone must be within transmission and reception range of a tower to successfully carry on a call.  By selecting a Strike Alpha Cradle and the correct external antenna to suit the environment will yield your best chance of success in higher call quality.

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