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Cell Phone Antennas 



Antennas and Patch Leads



A product is only as good as the technology that backs it. That why at Strike, we back our motto of ‘hands-free motor genius’ with the accessories that will ensure you have clear reception at all times. They may appear to be small, but the ability to buy accessories such as patch leads, cell phone antenna, gsm antenna and mobile phone antenna parts can make all the difference.

Phone antennas are usually used to improve signal strength in comparatively low network signal locations. There are basically two types of cell phone antennas- internal antennas and external antennas. 

An internal antenna refers to the antenna that is built in the cell phone, external antennas are the antennas that you connect to your cell phone to increase the signal further. Here we will discuss the different features of an external mobile phone antenna.

There are now three kinds of wireless telephone technology available. They are TDMA, GSM and CDMA. The most widely spread technology is GSM. If you are using a GSM mobile you have to use a GSM antenna to boost up your signal. A GSM antenna is an electrical antenna that converts electrical currents into radio waves and vice versa. It can operate 824-894MHz, 1710-1880 MHz and 1850-1990MHz. Depending on the frequency; these antennas will create a certain size wavelength. The wavelength will be longer when the frequency is lower.

Strike offers a range of antenna's for both home and vehicle use. 

Boost your signal and increase the strength of your reception with a range of our very own range of Strike cell phone antennas RFI or Rocket antennas. From a basic ‘peel and stick’ installation to the top of the range studded mount, these represent the very latest in the ever-improving mobile phone antenna technology.

If you live in the bush – or plan on going bush – the Strike Heavy Duty Bull Bar antenna, for maximum range and performance will be a necessity. It’s bull bar mounting bracket and high performance antenna sets it apart from the others – keeping connected in the bush isn’t just consideration, it’s a must-have accessory that could save lives. 

Our home solution is the Strike Home Signal Boost Antenna. This antenna can be used for both mobile phone and modem devices' and is the perfect antenna for boosting your signal and improving your data speed. It works on the latest Telstra 4G network as well!

For further information, take a trip around this page to see if antenna or patch leads from Strike could help to improve your hands-free driving experience.  

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